What are Discussions?

  • A Discussion is a way to start topics and have threaded replies. This allows you to structure conversations, questions, or responses in an organized manner.
  • A collection of Discussions is called a Discussion Forum.
  • Discussion Forums are found in Groups (see the Groups FAQ page for more information about Groups). 
  • For example all A.I. related Discussions belong inside the Discussion Forum of the A.I. Group. This is where all A.I. related things are discussed on The Network. 

Discussions Page

Access the Discussion page via the header menu.  Here you can use the search box to find a Discussion using key words.  Below the search box is a compiled list of recent Discussions from all Groups.  Simply click on a Discussion of interest and you will be taken to the relevant Group to participate.

Find Discussions by Group

If you want to find a Discussion related to a specific topic, rather than sorting through the compiled list mentioned previously, simply go to the relevant Group. Read here on how to access Groups via the Group page.


Reply, Subscribe, Favorites

Once in a Discussion you can 1) reply 2) subscribe or 3) report – see moderation FAQ page, or 4) make it a favorite.  The subscribe and favorite actions are a useful ways to pick and choose the Discussions you want to monitor and access later in Your Profile.

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