There are several inbuilt moderation tools on The Network.

  1. Blocking Members
  2. Reporting Content

Blocking Members

This feature allows members to block other members.  When a member is blocked, their profile and all of their content is hidden from the member who blocked them.  A member who is blocked is reported to admin and if blocked by 3 or more members will automatically be suspended for admin review. 

Steps to block another member.

  1. Go to the member profile you want to block (the Connect page is a suggestion).
  2. Click on the block button.  Read through the popup to ensure you are happy with the block action.
  3. Review your blocked members list on your Blocked Members tab in your Account Settings.  You can also unblock members here.

Reporting Content

This feature allows members to report content they deem to be against community guidelines.  Each Discussion, reply, images, documents and more can be reported by members with this method.  When the reporting action is completed, it automatically triggers an alert to admin for review.  When 3 or more members report something, the member is automatically suspended for admin review.  See this video for detailed instructions on how to report content.

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