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Julia Brodsky

Former ISS astronaut trainer for NASA, and current STEM education researcher at Blue Marble Space Institute - Julia teaches with REAL experience! Join Julia as she introduces space exploration, astrobiology, and artificial intelligence, scientific reasoning, and systems thinking.

Chris Ferrie

Dr. Chris Ferrie

Dr Chris is THE leading science author for children globally. His books have been translated into 20 languages. There is no better person to teach complex concepts in a simple way for children of all ages. Join Chris's live STEAM LAB sessions!

Dan Lakis

Former Vice Principal and Founding Teacher at Ad Astra School on the campus of SPACEX, Dan teaches students how to use data to their advantage. Join Dan on The Network for Data Driven Decision making for students!

Origin Story

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Born from an Astra Nova initiative, The Network is on a mission to connect people worldwide who want to want to be empowered with future relevant knowledge.

Welcome Message from Josh Dahn

Creator of Elon's School on Space X

The Network is a vibrant, welcoming, authentic space with brilliant, quirky, wildly creative, and enterprising individuals from around the world!

It is the place to engage with similarly minded people who believe in the promise of a better education.

Through the Network platform we share our open-source lesson ideas with students, families and teachers around the world.

To The Stars,

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