Quantum Physics with Dr. Chris

ON-DEMAND CLASS: This course is a fun and stimulating way to introduce quantum physics to children. Taught by the #1 science author in the world for children, Dr Chris Ferrie. 

the-network · March 22, 2023

Are you looking for a fun and stimulating way to introduce quantum physics to children? Look no further than Chris Ferrie’s Quantum Physics for Children Course! This incredible course is taught by the renowned Dr. Chris Ferrie, an award-winning Australian physicist and author who has taught generations of kids about the building blocks of science in easy to understand language.

With this course, kids will learn the basics of quantum theory while using engaging activities and experiments that make the material fun and relevant. Through real world examples, they’ll gain understanding and perspective on how everyday objects behave at the minute atomic level. Kids will also discover innovative methods for problem solving as well as explore age-appropriate thought experiments that help them understand abstract concepts more fully

Dr Ferrie’s Quantum Physics for Children Course seeks to democratise science education by making it accessible for all. Kids can look forward to interesting Content, specifically written with them in mind, which will help them develop meaningful appreciation of advanced subjects like parametric equations and quarks. Plus,, with tons of practice exercises and videos included in the course, your child’s learning experience is made even more meaningful!

The best part? All this fun and learning happens while sitting at home! So join Dr. Chris Ferrie in his Quantum Physics adventures now and get ready your child to be awed by his groundbreaking insights on the structure of matter today!

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