Disconnect to Reconnect: Empowering Your Child to Overcome Digital Addiction

LIVE CLASS: Join Dr Dr Mark Williams (Award Winning Neuroscientist) and Dr Jason Skues (Senior Lecturer, Psychological Sciences) as they explain the science of the effects of digital devices on the brain and help you build better routines at home for your children's technology use.
the-network · January 31, 2024

Course Overview

Embark on a highly personalised and transformative journey with “Disconnect to Reconnect,” a pivotal 5-week course / workshop tailored for a small group of parents (maximum 15 families) eager to master the digital landscape that surrounds their children. The course will be facilitated by Dr Mark Williams (award winning neuroscientist & best selling author) and Dr Jason Skues (Senior Lecturer, psychologist and author of 50+ peer reviewed papers).

In today’s digital age, the challenge of screen addiction looms large, affecting mental, emotional, and social health. This course isn’t just a learning experience; it’s a partnership with top experts—a neuroscientist and a psychologist—who are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way to create real change in your home.

Together, we’ll explore the intricacies of digital addiction through a scientific lens, empowering you with cutting-edge, evidence-based strategies to enhance digital wellbeing in your home. Our experts will provide personalized support, ensuring you can confidently implement changes that foster meaningful, healthier digital interactions for your family.

Join “Disconnect to Reconnect” and gain the tools and expert guidance needed to transform your family’s digital habits and reclaim a balanced life.

Course Details

Class 1: Tuesday 18 June, 2024 (8pm PST)
Class 2: Tuesday 25 June, 2024 (8pm PST)
Class 3: Tuesday 2 July, 2024 (8pm PST)
Class 4: Tuesday 9 July, 2024 (8pm PST)
Class 5: Tuesday 16 July, 2024 (8pm PST)

→ Maximum 15 families
→ 5 x 1 hour classes

Course Features

  • Personalised Live Sessions: Participate in live weekly sessions led by a neuroscientist and a psychologist, offering a rich learning experience with direct interaction. The weekly classes will evolve based on your individual requirements.
  • Q&A Opportunities: Each week, there will be dedicated time for parents to ask questions and receive personalized advice and support from our experts.
  • Scientific Insights: Learn about the latest scientific research on digital addiction and the brain, providing a solid foundation for understanding and intervention.
  • Practical Strategies: Gain access to a toolkit of practical strategies and tips designed to help parents effectively reduce their children’s screen time.
  • Community Support: Join a community of parents facing similar challenges, offering an opportunity for sharing experiences and strategies.

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding Digital Addiction: Gain insights into the neurological and psychological aspects of digital addiction, including how it develops and its impact on the brain.
  • Recognizing Signs: Learn to identify the signs of digital addiction in children and understand the difference between normal use and problematic behavior.
  • Strategies for Reduction: Discover effective strategies to reduce screen time, including setting limits, creating digital-free zones, and encouraging alternative activities.
  • Building Healthier Habits: Learn how to help your child build healthier digital habits that promote their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • Parental Support and Involvement: Understand the role of parental involvement and support in combating digital addiction, including how to model healthy digital behavior.

Who is This For?

This course is ideal for parents, guardians, and educators who are concerned about their children’s digital usage and are looking for effective ways to manage and reduce screen time. Whether your child is showing signs of digital addiction or you simply wish to prevent potential issues, this course will provide valuable insights and strategies to support healthier digital habits.

Are You Enrolling a Larger Group?

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Materials Required

→ Computer with webcam
→ Stable internet connection (this is a live class)

About the Presenters - Dr Mark Willimas

Mark Williams is a distinguished professor of cognitive neuroscience with a rich career spanning over 25 years in brain research and teaching. His work focuses on understanding how our brains function, the neuroscience of learning, emotions, and the effects of modern technologies on our cognitive processes. Mark has made significant contributions to the field, with more than 70 scientific articles published and a notable presence in both Australian and international media, highlighting his research and its implications for education, work, and personal life.

He has developed and run various programs aimed at a wide audience, including students, teachers, health professionals, and company directors, offering insights into optimal brain performance and health. His latest book, “The Connected Species: How understanding the evolution of our brain can change the world,” is set to publish internationally in 2023, promising to offer groundbreaking perspectives on the role of neuroscience in shaping our future.

With an extensive academic background, including work at MIT in the USA and various universities in Australia, Mark applies his expertise to enhance education and workplace environments through evidence-based practices rooted in neuroscience. His engaging talks and strategies are designed to elucidate how our brains learn and adapt, aiming to foster improvements in educational and professional settings.

About the Presenters - Dr Jason Skues

Dr. Jason Skues is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Swinburne University of Technology, where he brings a wealth of expertise in educational psychology, learning and motivation, mental health, career development, vocational education and training, developmental psychology, and research methods. Since beginning his tenure in 2010, Dr. Skues has dedicated his career to exploring the intricacies of how individuals learn and develop throughout various stages of life, applying his knowledge across a range of contexts including education, forensic settings, and defense.

His academic work is characterized by a rigorous approach to research, employing both quantitative and qualitative methods to uncover insights into the psychological underpinnings of learning and development. With 50+ peer-reviewed papers to his name, Dr. Skues has contributed significantly to the body of knowledge in his field, offering new perspectives on how psychological principles can be applied to enhance educational outcomes and support mental health.

Dr. Skues’s projects often bridge theoretical knowledge with practical application, reflecting his commitment to using psychological science to make a real-world impact. His work not only advances our understanding of educational psychology but also offers tangible strategies for improving teaching practices, student motivation, and overall well-being in educational and training settings.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson

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