What are Groups?

Groups are the central point on The Network where people can connect with a shared interest.  Groups are topic-focused and home to many elements, as outlined further in this article. 

Joining a Group

Groups can be open to anyone, private, or even hidden. You will be able to see which Groups you can join from the main Group page.

Group Filters

Search for different Groups by using the various filters available, by membership, type and attributes.

Groups Have Discussion Forums

Each Group has its own Discussion Forum, which is the place to discuss specific topics related to that Group.

Group Tabs

When you go inside a group you will find a number of tabs.  For in-depth details of each tab please see below.

Each Group has a Discussion Forum.  A Discussion is a topic started by a member to share something, ask a question, almost anything! When replying in a Discussion the format is similar to Reddit where replies are threaded, and the general etiquette is to stick to the topic as much as possible, and if not, consider starting a new Discussion!  For more in-depth information please visit the Discussion FAQ page.

Each group has its own Timeline where at a glance, you can see all the activity inside the group.

This is the list of all the members who belong to the Group.  You can request a connection, message directly etc.

A collection of Group photos posted by Moderators and Organizers.

Depending on your permissions this is a great feature where you can centrally upload, manage and organize documents for your Group. 

Depending on the Group permissions you may have an option to send invites to other members to join the group.

Zoom will be integrated with most groups during the month of May. As a group member, you can see upcoming Zoom meetings and recorded past meetings if uploaded. Organizers and sometimes moderators create and manage Zoom meetings. It is an excellent way for groups to connect and meet online!

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