Class Content Policy

Class Content Policy

For Teachers

Classes on The Network should be unbiased, inclusive and designed for a diverse audience. This ensures that our platform is accessible to everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion or background.

Please keep the following in mind when creating your class:

Secular in Nature


Do not actively promote specific religious perspectives or points of view, share or discuss religious doctrine, or lead students in prayer.

You may, however, mention religion when it is relevant to the course material, such as discussing religious holidays in a history class.

Political Views

Be mindful of your personal political views and how they might influence the content of your class. Do not use The Network as a platform to actively promote specific political perspectives or points of view.

You may, however, mention politics when it is relevant to the course material, such as discussing varying political viewpoints throughout history.

Objective And Accurate


Classes should be based on fact and objectivity and presented in an unbiased way. Any personal opinions or beliefs should be clearly stated as such and not presented as fact.


Present facts, ideas and theories that are grounded in science , research and evidence. If possible include the sources of this information in your class.

Multiple Perspectives

Always aim to present multiple viewpoints on a topic. Classes that cover things like culture, history etc., should include a variety of perspectives to give students a well-rounded view.

Inclusive for all Students

Global Audience

As a global platform, our students come from all over the world. Please be mindful of this when creating your class and try to make it accessible to as many people as possible.


Your classes should be inclusive of all students, regardless of their gender identity, race or background. This includes, but is not limited to, using non-discriminatory language and avoiding any offensive material.

If you have any questions about what is appropriate for your class, or intend on delivering content that could be deemed as being controversial, please contact our support team.

Debate & Interaction

Ensure that you create a safe space for well-rounded debate between students. You can do this by monitoring the discussion forums and intervening, if necessary, as well as by setting ground rules for respectful debate at the start of your class.

Be aware that some students may not feel comfortable speaking up in class discussions. Encourage them to reach out to you privately if they need help or have any concerns.

Classes Based on Your Expertise

Life Experience

The Network does not usually require a teaching qualification for content providers. Your expert knowledge of a particular subject is what makes your class unique.

Advanced Classes

Classes aimed at high school students can be subject to greater scrutiny due to the greater depth of knowledge they go into. Please be mindful of this when creating your class and make sure that the content is accurate and objective.

If you have any questions about what is appropriate for your class, please contact our support team.

Age Appropriate

All classes must be appropriate for children. This means no explicit content, language, violence, graphic or upsetting images, or anything that would be deemed as upsetting for children. If in doubt you need to check with our support team.

No Medical or Therapeutic Services

The Network does not allow classes that provide medical or therapeutic advice. For example, classes that talk about general topics such as “what is vegetarianism” are allowed but topics such as “how do vegetarian diets lose weight” are not allowed.


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