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Art of Problem Solving is a leading K–12 advanced math education company training the intellectual leaders of tomorrow. Since 1993, AoPS has prepared hundreds of thousands of motivated students for college and career success.

Beast Academy

Beast Academy is the leading online math program for advanced elementary school students ages 8–13.

Created by the Art of Problem Solving, Beast Academy curriculum offers some of the most challenging math problems available anywhere. In this comprehensive program, students begin building out their problem-solving skill stack through rigorous math lessons taught by engaging, comic-style characters.

Beast Academy is offered in both comic book format and in an immersive online learning platform.

AoPS Online

AoPS Online is training the next generation of problem-solvers through advanced online math.

Created by the Art of Problem Solving, AoPS Online offers advanced online math courses and a textbook curriculum for motivated students grades 5–12.

Live, interactive courses bring outstanding students from across the country together with expert instructors and like-minded peers, while a rigorous math curriculum helps students build critical problem-solving strategies.

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