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Astra Nova is an online independent school co-founded, designed, and run by the former Ad Astra School team. Astra Nova care about community, student experiences, and sharing their work with the world.

Undoubtedly one of the coolest schools on the planet, Astra Nova thinks about education differently. With a focus on valuing student interests and unique abilities, Astra Nova redesigns their curriculum yearly to ensure they tailor learning to students interests and make each school year stimulating, fun, and future-relevant. 

Astra Nova believes, wholeheartedly, that children can and must love school. Their approach is driven by the conviction that children should consider multiple perspectives, designs, and choices. They should be given the freedom to explore their interests and direct energy to areas where they feel that magnetic pull of fascination.

Originating as Ad Astra at SpaceX headquarters, what has now become Astra Nova School has always been extraordinary.

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Conundrums are strategically designed with imperfect answers to stimulate students critical thinking and ethical debating skills. Designed at Astra Nova School Conundrums are available at any time through our on demand Learning Hub.


We house unique open-source Astra Nova activities on our Learning Hub, where members easily select, organize and track what they have viewed and completed. We also host learning and creation Conundrum sessions for students.


Data-Driven Decision Making is created by Dan Lakis from Ad Astra and Astra Nova School. 3DM teaches students how to conduct in-depth analysis using a variety of data sources, to develop comprehensive decision-making skills.

Astra Teachers

Astra Nova Teachers come on to The Network periodically to host events such as student Conundrums, Member Orientation, Asteroid Search Groups, Rocketry events, Live Q&As, and host interviews with special guests.

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