About Us

We are an international community of students, parents, educators and innovators focused on future-relevant topics and learning.

Origin Story

Born from an Astra Nova initiative, The Network is on a mission to connect people worldwide who want to focus on future-relevant learning.

The Network maintains a close relationship with Astra Nova School, shares their open-source resources and hosts Astra Nova designed learning for students in the form of Conundrums. 

Private Community Platform

A positive and supportive space for members to discuss future relevant topics like planetary regeneration, crypto, longevity, and 3D printing. 

Community Platform

Make the most of our live events, private messaging, and forums, to connect with others.


Meet other innovative, change-focused professionals.

Learning Hub

An ever-growing on-demand library of future-relevant skill building resources.

Learning Pods

A new initiative to be released in 2022 will connect students worldwide with a focus on social and interest-based learning.

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